Where We Stay



Every year at Easter, Hotel Arcades is home to many HCPT Groups. When we get there, it feels like we’re coming back to a family home after a long trip away; we see many of the same hotel staff, and of course our HCPT friends from all over the UK.



Right below Hotel Arcades is the best café in Lourdes, nay, the world! Pierre has been part of the HCPT family for decades, welcoming many different groups who are in need of refreshment, some food and a toilet break. He also offers our helpers a much needed place to have down-time when we’re not on evening and night duties!

In 2013, Lourdes was hit with a crushing flood that caused huge damages to Pierre’s establishment as well as the hotel, and both went through mammoth efforts of cleaning up the debris and renovating in time for the following Easter. Pierre was proudly wearing his HCPT jumper from Group 37 whilst he was sorting the damages in his premises. His dedication is immense, as is our gratitude and love for him and everything he has been for HCPT.