Why do we travel to Lourdes?

Quite simply, because Our Lady – via St Bernadette – asked us to. Read about the 18 apparitions of 1858 here.

How do we travel to Lourdes?

Usually a combination of aeroplanes, trains and cars / buses. It typically takes circa 8 to 10 hours from Zürich to Lourdes depending on connections.

Do all group members need to stay for the whole week?

No. Obviously it’s great if people can stay with the group for the whole week in Lourdes, but this clearly isn’t possible in many situations. We recommend that you join the group for a minimum of two days.

Are non-Catholics welcome to join the group?

Yes, absolutely. Are large number of people in Lourdes are not Catholic. Our requirement that all members of the group don’t contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church when talking to the Sponsored Pilgrims.

How much does it cost to travel with the group?

It depends how early we are able to book our travel. In 2016 it cost about CHF 800 per group member, this includes all travel and 7 nights at a hotel with full board. This is about the same price for sending a Sponsored Pilgrim.

Is there a Priest in the group?

If a Priest is available to travel, then yes! If not, given the high number of the Priests on the Pilgrimage, we are usually able to get support from Priests from other groups for additional Masses and services.

Is there a Nurse / Doctor in the group?

Not yet. But if you are a medical professional interested in traveling with the group, please make contact.

What’s the accommodation like?

We stay in a 3 star hotel called the Arcades. The Staff are very accommodating, kind and friendly to us. From the hotel it’s only a 10 minute walk to the Grotto. You can see typical hotel rooms here.

What security provisions are there in Lourdes?

All HCPT Helpers undergo enhanced police record checks in the their Country’s of residence. There is 24 hour Adult supervision throughout the Pilgrimage.

Do Miracles still happen in Lourdes?

Yes. But very few are officially recognised by the Lourdes International Medical Committee. From the time of the Apparitions until now, 69 miraculous cures have been recognised by the Bishops. See more details below:


What’s the weather like in Lourdes?

Due to Easter moving and the variation of the weather in the south of France, we have seen everything from hot sunny days to several metres of snow. We pack clothes for all weather conditions and check the weather forecast daily to ensure the day’s activities are suitably planned.

Is HCPT a big Pilgrimage?

Yes. With typically 6,000 Pilgrims It’s the biggest Pilgrimage during the Easter week. This means that the we receive a lot of support from the organisation as well as filling the streets of Lourdes are filled with singing, joy and all of the colours of the rainbow through the week.

Do we only travel to Lourdes at Easter?

No. We typically travel for a weekend over the winter time to conduct risk-assessments and have some relaxed time in Lourdes. This is a good opportunity to join us if you simply want to see what Lourdes is like without all of the Pilgrims.

What are the signs of Lourdes?

“The rock, the light, the water, the crowd, the sick and those who take care of them: there are the signs of Lourdes. All of them belong to the Bible. They evoke God (Jesus-Christ) and his immeasurable love for us.”