Join The Group

We believe that anybody who is interested in the group will have a lot to offer, and we would definitely love for you to get in touch, to find out more about you, what you enjoy doing and why you’d like to join as a helper.

For each helper (including specialist roles), there is an application process – this will all be taken care of through our Group Leader, Mike. You will also need to go through the Swiss Criminal Records Disclosure – it is yet another process but it is straightforward, and once you have it, you won’t need to renew for three years.

You need to be 16 years old or over to travel as a helper. If you are younger than 16, you may be able to travel as a child. If you would like to contribute to helper duties, do get in touch and we can discuss what role would best suit you.

There are some funds available to ‘Help a Helper’ with the cost of travel, so please do not be discouraged; we will try to ensure that anybody who would like to travel can do so.

If you’d like to chat with Mike, get in touch here.

If you are a doctor, a nurse or a clergy official, then we would love to get you involved with certain roles within the group.

Each Easter, there is a higher concentration of medical professionals in Lourdes than in any town, all making for a very safe pilgrimage. Although it isn’t essential that the group travels with a medical professional, having one on board will enable to offer our service to a wider range of children who may have specialist care or medical needs.

If you would like to travel with us as a nurse or doctor, do please get in touch with Mike here. Currently, the only requirement is that you are a currently practicing in Switzerland as a doctor or nurse. We will try to cover some or all of your travel costs if you were to take on this role.